Where to begin…

Where to begin

This feels a bit weird because this is the first time I do this. You know, write a post not knowing if there’s someone out there reading this. I guess I’ll start off by introducing myself. My name is Parker, I am a college student that doesn’t really study. I’m literally the college student you see in movies. I play varsity sport, sometimes go to class, and party my night away. I guess you can say I have a good life. Other then the fact that I have to pay bills and shit but whatever. I guess thats life. 

If you’re really into knowing what I’m studying in then keep reading this paragraph. If not, move along to the next. Im currently in my second year of General Arts and Science and next year I’ll be going into Biotechnology. I was always big into science. I’m really good at memorizing stuff and my high school teacher always made science look 390283120 times better than it actually was. 

Anyway back to the non-boring shit. I am a cold hearted bitch. Also I am taken but a huge slut at heart. Not those type of sluts that sleep around with different guys every night. I like to be a little slut with my man and I guess that we keeps my relationship with him strong cause well, he loves it. 

I love everything about fashion and make up. Oh, and my eyebrows are my prized possession. I can’t go out of the house without my eyebrows done up. If you see me in public with my eyebrows not done, there is a problem. 

I live with 3 other girls in a townhouse. They are pretty much my sisters, we do everything together. Drink, smoke, shop, drink some more, and adventure around together. Its never a dull moment when we are together, it’s awesome! 

I guess what I am saying is that what I’ll be writing about on this blog will be everything about: sex, my girls, my man, parties, bullshit, and well my life. 

Parker - xoxo